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About Us

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In a magnificent brick building set upon a commanding hill in the beautiful Crescent Hill neighborhood, proudly stands Barret Traditional Middle School. Construction started in 1930 and was finished in 1932 by the Louisville Board of Education. It was originally called the Crescent Hill Junior High School, but before its dedication was renamed for Judge Alex G. Barret. He served on the Louisville Board of Education for five years and served as its president in 1918. He also served with great distinction as Judge of the First Division, Chancery Branch of the Jefferson Circuit Court.

In February, 1932, Barret opened with a student body of 450 and a faculty of 20. It was considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It is a modified classical style, of buff brick and Bedford Stone trimming, and occupies a seven acre campus. During the 1937 flood, Barret was used as a hospital and relief center for refugees.

Even in the early years of its history, Barret was known for making not only scholastic headway, but also in clubs and athletics. There was a Student Council, many clubs, athletic teams, and a school magazine and newspaper in its very first year, which created high school spirit which continues today.

In 1975, with the merger of the Louisville Public Schools and the Jefferson County Public Schools, Barret Junior High School was renovated and air conditioning was added. During the summer of 1986, Barret was closed and in the fall was reopened as Barret Traditional Middle School.

Traditional Program

A Traditional School is one dedicated to the concepts of scholarship, patriotism, courtesy, respect, responsibility, and citizenship. It strives to develop in its students:

  • The highest possible competence in fundamental skills.
  • Growth in citizenship and in moral and spiritual values.
  • Responsibility for personal behavior.
  • A spirit of individual achievement and competition.
Barret is truly a Traditional School and expects each student to strive for the highest standards of honesty and personal integrity.

Mission Statement

Barret Traditional Middle School will provide a structured environment, the opportunity for every student to develop to his/her fullest potential, and the ability to be a lifelong learner in a culturally diverse ever-changing world.

Barret Philosophy

At Barret Traditional Middle School, we believe the best of the past is blended with the needs of the future. A structured, orderly environment, a quality academic program, and extensive parental involvement provide opportunity for exceptional student performance at Barret. Barret is unique among Jefferson County middle schools in its dedication to the concepts of scholarship, citizenship, patriotism, respect, and responsibility. While upholding high traditional standards, we take pride in our daily appearance, dress, and conduct. Students are expected to uphold these worthy concepts.

We believe that...

  • Each student is a unique individual worthy of and entitled to respect.
  • In order to develop to his or her full potential, each student must be afforded the opportunity to develop self-esteem, self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-discipline.
  • In order to develop these "self" concepts, our particular students will thrive when experiencing the curriculum in the structured environment of the Traditional School.
  • In addition to the regular subjects that comprise the curriculum, students will profit from an emphasis on citizenship, patriotism, and leadership skills.
  • An understanding of and respect for the various ethnic, religious, social, economic, and political backgrounds of the members of our society are integral to good citizenship.
  • The educational process is most complete when the venture is a joint effort among the student, home, and school.
  • The middle school student is an emerging adolescent experiencing a most difficult period of his or her development. As such, this student needs a learning environment that will assist in his or her transition from an elementary child to a high school young adult through his or her interaction with a sensitive, understanding, and caring faculty.

We believe in and promote a family atmosphere at school.