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Athletic Eligibility

Barret Traditional Middle School and the Jefferson County Public Schools believe that all student athletes should be successful in the classroom.  Therefore, all students who participate in school-sponsored activities must remain academically eligible according to Barret and district guidelines. 


Barret TMS eligibility:


  • Pass all subjects with a “C” or better


  • All conduct grades will be “S” or “NI.”  Any “U” in conduct will warrant an automatic three (3) week suspension from all activities.


Students scoring below the academic standards:


  • Will be placed on a three (3) week probationary period during which time they may practice and participate.


  • Will not be permitted to practice or participate after the three (3) week probationary period if still below the standard.



  • Will be encouraged to attend any available after school tutoring.  When students have achieved the academic standards, they are placed on the regular progress report check.


  • Will be permitted one (1) probationary period per semester.