At Barret Traditional Middle School, we consider appropriate attire and appearance to be strongly correlated with academic success.  The SBDM Council has adopted the following uniform guidelines as the standard dress for all students at all times while under school supervision.


  • Dress slacks/pants – navy, khaki, or black; no logos over one inch in size.

All dress slacks/pants must have belt loops and belts must be worn.

All dress slacks/pants must be worn at the waist.

No cut-offs, form-fitting, oversized, or sagging pants may be worn.

No cuts or slashes will be allowed in pants or pant legs.

Slacks/Pants specifications:

No spandex (stretch) or form-fitting material

No Capri or cargo pants

No corduroy, stretch, or denim material

No draw strings; fly fronts must be zippered.

·      Shorts – navy, khaki, or black

Uniform style shorts only; must come to the knee

·      Skirts – No skirts will be allowed, unless administrator exemption is applied for and approved.

  • Shirts/blouses – must be fully tucked at all times.

Oxford cloth buttoned-down collar - White or light blue. 

All buttons, except the top one, are to be buttoned. Only plain, white undershirts may be worn under the Oxford cloth shirts.

Polo shirts  - Solid navy, light blue, or purple.

       Uniform style only.  No logos except the Barret logo.

*Club/team shirts with logos can be worn only on Fridays.

  • Sweatshirts/Quarter zips – Official bookstore apparel only with the Barret school logo. Must have an undershirt.
  • Sweaters – navy crew neck, v-neck and cardigan sweaters only.  Must have a uniform undershirt.
  • Socks - Students must wear socks or stockings that are visible above the shoe at all times.
  • Shoes - Must be worn at all times.  No flip-flops, shower shoes, house shoes, clogs, or sandals of any kind are allowed.  Shoes must have full toes and heels.  Shoes that would be unsafe or disturb others should not be worn. Shoes with laces must be properly tied, not tucked into shoes.  Velcro fasteners must be closed.
  • Earrings - Must be in the earlobes only.
  • Hair – Must be clean and neat at all times. Hair color is limited to that which is found naturally.
  • Outer garments - Coats, jackets, etc. and book bags must be left in lockers.

·      Students should be neat and clean at all times.

  • The Appearance Guidelines do not allow - hats/caps, sunglasses, gloves, or other non-specified items considered inappropriate by the local school administration.
  • The Principal is the final authority in matters pertaining to appearance.

Revised 8/9/19


Our appearance guidelines state: “Hair color is limited to that which is found naturally.”   We recognize that some student’s hair has natural highlights that will cause the hair to be multicolored.   We also know that some cultural styles exist that intermingle hair so that multi-colors also exist.  

 Natural hair color can be black, blond, brown, red, or white; all natural hair colors including grey, white and lightest blond, are considered shades of brown.   If you or your student is thinking of doing something outside of this “natural color” definition – please ask first as it may not be allowed or may be an omission that is allowed.
Answer: Yes, so long as they are the appropriate colors.